where do these white dads come from

you've got that smile that only heaven can make (+)

  • shrek one: bad
  • shrek two: the funniest movie i have ever seen. literally one of the funniest comedies of all time. incredible pacing and dialogue. reference jokes that were actually funny. surreal world that was so modern fantasy it actually worked. rocking score. awesome scene set to "i need a hero" being sung by the villain unironically and completely played straight. a bar of villains. just overall the best concepts ever.
  • shrek three: bad
  • shrek four: bad


you come into my house. you disrespect my 1d order


wow, fame has really changed ash

Title: that's what I like about youuuuAAAAHHHH
Played: 15274 times


luke sounds extremely sexual on stage

AU series: One direction meets Geordie Shore. (Zayn Malik quotes.)

AU series: One direction meets Geordie Shore.